Sunday, August 18, 2013

Final Annual Report

I have finally completed the Annual Report for the library at Discovery College. This was the last one I needed to write for this library. I slimmed it down, I cut corners by including some of the same features that were in previous editions due to time restraints, but the essential information is there that will allow for year to year data comparisons.

This year the DC library moves on with almost a completely new team with new priorities and ideas.

I still stand by my belief that the annual report is an essential document that needs to be created in whatever form to reflect on the year and to draft plans for the next year.

Start collecting data for your end of year report now!

You can read this report here on Issuu.

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Dx4 Blog Update said...

Really appreciate the contributions page in addition to every other one... Things for me to aspire to! :)