Monday, August 26, 2013

New beginnings

I have started at the new job and WOW! I had forgotten what it was like to start at a new established school - so many new people, new systems and of course new students all with thousands of names to learn and personalities to become familiar with.

My mantra is "baby steps."

In the past week I have conducted many orientation lessons about the library and its services in the secondary school. This was a great way for me to learn myself, and quickly. Thankfully this school was my previous schools sister school, so many of the library systems and services are similar.

One of the challenges I face is working across two timetables - one for the primary school where I am working with year 6, and then one for the secondary school where I will be working with year 7,8, 9 & 10.

Year 6 come into the library once a week for 40 minute library borrowing sessions. I am working on this time becoming a time for literature appreciation and being exposed to as many great books as possible. Due to the challenging schedule with working with two programmes, I may not be able to be with every year 6 class  when they come to the library (there are 6 classes). I have set up a mini programme for them which follows a similar pattern each week which I think will be sustainable and allow me to drop in and out as possible, and allow the classroom teacher opportunities for engagement.

  • Book talks - 3 students talk about a book they have just read following a prompt chart I created which you can see in the picture at the top. Click on it to make it bigger. Book talking allows students to see what others are reading, and students generally prefer to read something their peers have read and enjoyed. It is also a visual tool for the teacher to see what is being read the range, and the level for each child.
  • Mrs Macs Pix for year 6 - a box of about 12 books I will pull off the shelf for each class for those who want to have something recommended to them. These will be brought to the class and students can choose after the book talks.
  • Browsing amongst the shelves and borrowing time.
  • Then to help with the reshelving in such a big school, each year 6 student will shelve 4 fiction books after being taught how to do it this week.
We start following the schedule this week, with me there, so hopefully they will see how it works and will be able to go on from there.

I have also created a Pinterest board "Great reads for year 6" to be linked from the year 6 website which will be updated each week with new books for the year 6's to try. Depending on the success of this, I may extend the boards through the secondary school.

The first week is over - ready to embark on week 2!


Dx4 Blog Update said...

love these ideas, as always! :)

Maura said...

I like your shelving fiction idea Dianne! - Maura