Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Year Projects

This week has been the normal busy for a large school library, but a few projects got underway as the actual teaching time dropped off a bit. This is a brief outline on what went on this second week ....

The library's online site on the school's intranet was needing some attention. The school uses Moodle, which for those who use it will know that in its raw form it is quite a monster to tame. Applications like Libguides use Moodle as the skeleton to create a lovely and user friendly interface, but the raw Moodle is very different. I have some experience in web page and html coding from one of my previous lives as an online retailer so I took on the challenge. I created some icons and linking websites to support the library goals for the year. The results were satisfactory for now, but will undergo further development as we develop the library programmes. (The central LIRC icon was designed previously).

The Library and English departments collaborate and run a very successful Literature circle programme from year 7-10 using Goodreads as a platform which will kick off in the next few days. My colleague, Andrea &  I  spent some time discussing the programme, evaluating the books used for each year group, making suggestions for retirement and additions and looked at the Goodreads page to see what needed updating and deleting. This is the weekends job. We also ordered new titles from a local book store to supplement the existing collection. We also rebranded the literature circles - calling them "Reading Rallies".

In the primary school library Shirley & I discussed genrification of the Primary Fiction and although we are not ready to launch into the full scale adjustment programme just yet as we do not have the parent and student volunteer teams ready to take on such a beast, we have set up a smaller scale temporary genre section to see if it makes a difference to the students. An Action research pilot if you like. We chose 7 genres - Adventure, Science Fiction, Funny, Fantasy, Animal, Historic, Scary, found about 40 books for each genre, placed genre labels on their spines (a student volunteer did this for us) and will be setting up specific shelves for these books. We haven't changed anything in the catalogue or any other spine labels yet. The shelves will go live on Tuesday and we look forward to documenting the results and seeing if we move forward with changing the full collection.

I also introduced the year 6 students to finding the books on a list to support the year groups unit of inquiry. 80 books were located in 10 minutes, saving library staff about 1 hour of locating these resources. They also started their shelving allocation with mixed results. This needs a little more work. The class teachers were enthusiastic about these little experiences, mentioning to me that it helps the students see the processes behind the facility and gives them some ownership.

So, for the second week it was pretty full with lots of things happening to keep me busy!