Saturday, September 7, 2013

Knee deep in literature.

I could not find the original source for this - but I had to use it!

I love my job!

I love how I get to talk to young people about literature,
I love helping teens find the right book for them,
I love how I get to share a little bit of our crazy world with teens,
I love how I get to spend money on lots of books!
I love how I get to share cool tools with teachers to help them to help the learners!

This week I started working with the English classes from yr 7 - 10. As an introduction to the literature circles coming up I was able to show them our new Moodle page with links to Goodreads and the groups they will need to join. This week for most classes they had free choice wide reading  and I love getting in amongst the shelves helping them to find the right book to have in their hands after figuring out what they have read and what they enjoy. I love sharing the excitement over a mutually discovered book and rediscovering pieces of the story that I had forgotten. I am also challenged by the reluctant reader to find just the right book that will set them off into a world of reading.

The library set up an online wishlist last week using a Google form and we promoted it through the week with the classes and on the intranet site.  Already we have had so many requests for new titles, that I got to go shopping! It is so much fun making these connections.

As part of the preparation for the literature circles I had to create new shelves on the Library Goodreads site based on the books we have in the library. As a new team member, this really helped to extend my knowledge of the collection and see where the holes are. I also had to create interesting discussion starter questions for the literature circles that were not just fact based, but required a little bit of thought about the substance of the story.

A fun conversation ensued on Friday when I was sorting through the literature circle choices for next week for year 9.  A year 10 student came into the library and came straight over to the piles of books and started a conversation about the books on the table, in particular "Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children" and the Victorian photography that was contained within and how photoshop was not around but they were still able to do some weird stuff with photographs, this led onto a discussion about other bizarre Victorian photographic genres, including Momento Mori which I showed her a web site about. We were getting a little carried away with our conversation (of about 10 minutes by then), I then asked, "incidently what are you doing out of class right now?" She replied that she had come into to do some copying but got a little distracted by the books! What a fun distraction and conversation ... even if it was at the wrong time! oops!

I also spent a lot of time this week pouring over Goodreads lists, creating an order of over 200 titles for our young adults. I love using Goodreads as a source to find new titles, the reviewers are brutally honest and really give a good overview of the book. Before this shipment arrives there will need to be some serious weeding  of the fiction section which is a job I relish as not only do we remove the dead paper, but we will invariably find some gems that need replacing and promotion. I have of course started another list for next months order!

I also had the chance to share some cool tools with teachers. To a history teacher I showed - a free online sychronised video note taking tool which will be very helpful for his students to learn from videos. I also shared a link on the effective use of the iPhone / Mac app - Reminders. These two connections were from casual conversations about their needs and will help to start building relationships. I also learned about a new collaborative tool this week - Wunderlist which we are using as a team planning tool.

It was one of those weeks that was just fun to go to work for!

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Hip hooray for some great resources and student wish fulfillment! :) Enjoy those days, thrilled for you!