Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brain explosion

Last weekend I attended my first Learning 2 conference and wow, it was significantly awesome, not just because it was a conference being held at a fabulous school, (UWSEA) in a fantastic city (Singapore) with some truly amazing delegates and presenters, it was just a place where ideas were flowing freely all day, all the time.

'Stuff' was being bounced around and off all sorts of people, the presenters not only gave us ideas, but also made us think, they gave us takeaways that went beyond using fabulous tools. The pedagogy was the focus - questions such as why, how and so what? The way the conference was organised allowed for conversations, deep learning, hands on learning and reflection. All of the things that we want to be able to offer our own students. 

We were connecting in person, on twitter, and some of the presentations were streamed live for those who couldn't make it. Every presenter had a website to share for follow up learning and were always happy to discuss and talk about their passions. The bus ride to and from the conference centre allowed for more conversation, learning and connections. I left buzzing and overflowing with ideas on how I can be a better educator in this time of digital media and tools.

I also came away with two immediate takeaways - iMovie for the iPhone and Haiku Deck both shared by the very talented Dave Caleb.

Below is a short story I created in iMovie for iPhone I created using stills I took of the beautiful sculpture "Planet' by Marc Quinn which sits in the Singapore Gardens by the Bay. The sculpture is 7 tons in weight, yet looks like it is floating. 

"Planet" By Marc Quinn from Dianne McK on Vimeo.

The creation below is created using Haiku Deck and is a very brief summary of my learning at the Learning2 conference. Click the play button to move through the slides.

It is great to be able to take practical things like this away from a conference, learn to use them and then apply them in what I do everyday. How do I envision using these in my teaching?

Some of the ideas include highlighting collections, displays and creating tutorials. Making my teaching presentations much, much better by teaching through example, and, helping teachers see these tools as viable options to use in the classroom to extend the learning beyond what is imaginable. I'm even thinking of creating 'a day in the life of ..." series.

I am excited! My next learning will be the advanced Keynote to make rocking tutorials and mini films inspired by Jeri Hurd's presentation - Be a Keynote Ninja!

My next few posts will be related to this conference as there is so much left to unpack. I am currently sifting through the 3000 tweets to extract all the information I want from them ... so stay tuned.

As an aside, over 200 photographs of the amazing city of Singapore were taken over 4 days which you can see here if you are interested. Taken on 3 different cameras- iphone, Cannon Powershot G15, and a Lumix Gf2.

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Kate Reid said...

HI Dianne,
It sounds like you had an amazing time! I look forward to reading more about what you took away from the conference.