Saturday, October 19, 2013

Curation with a purpose

The learning2 conference I attended last weekend had over 3000 tweets generated for it, some useful some not so useful, some conversation, some pictures, some reflections and some sharing of learning. The possibilities of learning certainly felt like the image above. Twitter has certainly changed the face of conferences with so much being shared before, during and after the conferences.

Twitter only keeps tweets for 7 days unless you favourite them, 3000 is too many to favourite. I usually curate as I go at these conferences, but the internet access was not as free flowing at the conference site or even at my hotel room as it could have been, which stymied my curation possibilities, so I had to wait until I returned to my fast bandwidth to do it.

The conference organisers thankfully saved the tweets for hashtag #learning2 at the completion of the conference using this scripted Google Doc. There was a slight problem with it in that each tweet appears 5 times, but in some order. There used to be an easy to use tweet saver called Search hash which is currently under redevelopment due to twitter changing some of the coding. Hoping this gets sorted soon as it was a very useful tool.

One of my favourite curation tools is Diigo, with the Diigo extension for Chrome. There are so many ways to curate and save for later - favouriting tweets, in lists, by groups, by tags, sharing - so many options! So today I read the post conference tweets and set up a list on Diigo to curate the #learning2 websites, apps and blogs that were mentioned I then trawled through the 3000 tweets on the google doc to find the gems of future learning for me to capture and go back to at my leisure or need. The result was that I have over 100  websites curated with tags and in a list for me to easily find what I need, and start my learning journey of new tools and creations.

I also created an Evernote note with the short sentences that made me ponder or resonated with me. This is for my personal use, and as such I did not attribute the tweeters names as this would have taken way too long to curate, the sentences were from the workshop leaders and presenters. I also took notes during the presentations and added these to my Evernote note. The short presentations can be found on the Learning2 Youtube channel. They are worth watching.

So now my curating of learning2 is complete in a way that is useful to me and I feel alot more sorted and ready for learning. What do you use to curate conferences?

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