Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 1 - Diigo

Day 1 of the 20 day Blog Challenge

Sharing a tech tip, how I use it for teaching and how it simplifies my life.

Diigo is my tech share for today. Diigo is used for curation of websites, social bookmarking, sharing interesting sites with others, research and for crowdsourcing hard to find resources.

I use it with the Chrome or Firefox extension on the toolbar and have it open all the time. I also have the iphone and ipad app always ready to go and with the offline reader, it is very convenient. I can create tags, lists and groups for easy searching and sharing.  The students' Diigo accounts have been set up to work with their school Google apps accounts.

I teach the students how to install Diigo, and use tags and lists to organise their bookmarks. When there is a class project we form groups for different topics and share the resources found. The students who find and post appropriate links are easily identifiable, so assessment can be made on their contribution to class or group work. It is a tool they can keep using for their entire school life and beyond.

I have also encouraged teachers to use it a faculty curation tool instead of emailing websites to each other. They can create a group and use the tags and lists to create faculty resources that can be searched and accessed anywhere. I can also be part of their groups and add to the lists whenever I come across them.

As part of my professional learning, I use groups that are than local groups. There are a number of international groups that are quite specific in their focus such as teacher-librarians, social studies teachers,  photography etc. Groups can be searched while on the groups page of your account. You can set up to receive alerts for these groups if you join them, and updates are sent to you, or once you join a group you can just visit the group to search their links. This helps by increasing your access to these resources that others with similar resources found useful.

I also share with students and staff how Diigo can be used as a search tool in community to find sites that others have curated. Diigo also have excellent tutorials on how to use the tool in their help area.

It simplifies my life by having my bookmarks organised and easy to search and find from any device with internet access. When I favourite on twitter, it automatically saves it to my Diigo account so I can search and find it later. If you do not use it, you really need to. 

I created some setting up Diigo instructions for each of the different browsers which the students use to set up their accounts, this is the one for Chrome.

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