Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 2 - ebooks

Day 2 of the 20 day Blog Challenge

Library ebooks & audiobooks - 
What are we using and how do we market and promote this resource?


At my current school we are also using Wheelers ebooks - the same ebook provider at my previous school. See posts about that here. However we are not as far along in its use as in the previous school for various reasons, so it has become a priority and we have been working on it.

So how to get it up and going? there is a little bit of set up involved for accessing  Wheelers on computers as you have to install Adobe Digital Editions and register for an Adobe ID first. I have been invited into various English classes to help the students through the process of doing this. I also created a Powtoon tutorial to help those who miss out on the in person teaching. See below.

The higher year levels are much quicker at getting it all set up than the lower levels, which then leaves time for the mobile device demonstration. It is SUPER easy to access Wheelers on mobile devices. I demonstrate this using airserver and my ipad- what a fabulous tool!

The younger years are given the mobile demonstration at the next lesson.

After we do the set up we encourage the students to log into to their Wheelers accounts, browse the library and borrow something that takes their fancy. 

As part of the widespread access we have direct links from our OPAC records to Wheelers, a link from our website, a link from the front page of the OPAC, and a link from the Library page on the intranet.

To advertise what we have on Wheelers we are going to create some more little movies to showcase the latest purchases with a slat wall display to promote the  titles. The ebook platform requires constant advertising and promotion as it is quite invisible.

We are also purchasing some Kobo's so we can buy the recent releases immediately and loan out the Kobo's. That will be happening in the next month or so.

Audio books

These are a challenge as Wheelers do not yet have an audio book feature. We also have many audio books on CD (not popular anymore), many playaways and an audible account? So what to do to give access without infringing copyright by format shifting, sharing passwords etc ....?? I would love to hear your solutions ... 

I know Overdrive has an audiobook function, but their service is so expensive for schools.

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