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day 4 : Working in a 1:1 school

Day 4 of the 20 day Blog Challenge

Technology in the library, how has it effected or changed my duties ....
I have been lucky enough to work in an environment where technology has always been a part of the libraries I have worked in, so I am changing this slightly to ...

The challenges and benefits of a library catering for their 
community in a 1:1 school.

Our school is 1:1 from year 6, with a very high ratio of mobile devices, laptops and desktops for the students to use in the lower school. I am directly working with students from year 6 - 10.

Benefits : 
Students have access to everything so you can create a fabulous online presence for your library that has many access points.

Students can access, and be reminded about events through social media and email.

Having the opportunity for 'Just in time" learning is priceless - when a question arises, they can immediately find their answers.

Being able to truly teach how to search databases, keywords etc on a 'to need right now' basis. 

Being able to teach and create long term goals for tools such as Diigo, Easybib, Google docs etc etc ...

Creating online tutorials to help those students who can't do face to face.

Students calendar in dates and reminders on their phones, computers  and use these tools for creation. Emails can be used to send reminders for overdues. They can reserve books and have the email sent straight from the system to their emails to let them know when their book is available.

They have easy access to e-books. 

The students are pretty cluey about many things digital - I learn from them all the time.

Being able to use big Digital screens as an advertising board for new releases, and news.

Challenges :

Students have access to everything. Your online presence has to be better than whatever else they might want to access.

Students may not want to be contacted by social media or email, or anything. They ignore overdue messages or filter them to go straight into the their spam or trash.

Creating a curriculum that is inquiry based so that students can go beyond fact finding and truly think about their learning on different levels.

Ensuring students get rest from screen time and practise their fine and gross motor skills. 

If a students computer is broken, confiscated or not running properly, (or they haven't followed instructions and not downloaded the software, or parents have locked their computers down so much they can't) they cannot keep up with what is happening in the class if your instruction is based on doing something on the computer.

Students can be easily distracted if they are not engaged in your lesson - I think this is a positive challenge to make sure your lessons are more interesting than anything that is online.

Teaching the students who know everything there is to know about computers etc and making sure they slow down and follow ALL the instructions.

Keeping the digital library displays and webpages current and interesting.

These are all I can think of at this time - do you have any you can add?

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