Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 7 - Keeping track

Day 7 of the 20 day blog challenge

Share a library management tip - what do I do that works for me?

One of the challenges I face in my role as a cross school teacher librarian (Yrs 6-10, PYP & MYP) is ensuring that my time is somewhat equally distributed between grade levels, and that I keep track of what I do with and for each grade level. This year I started filling in my ical through the day of how I am spending my time. The image below is one week of filling out the ical to record how I am spending my time. I try to do that I finish each task to ensure I get the timing right and so I can remember what I have been doing.

Image 1. iCal snapshot of one week.
From these calendar entries, I enter the data onto 2 Google spreadsheets. One of the spread sheets is similar to a time sheet, (Image 1) where I have listed all the types of things I am involved in, and given them a time allocation in blocks of 40mins (the length of our class periods). Each week is given a separate column, and the data is added at the end of the week. It takes about 10 minutes. At the end of the term, I add the data up to find out how my time has been distributed.

Image 2. Google doc of breakdown of time.

I also have another spreadsheet (Image 3) where I record exactly what I am teaching to whom and the date. I have hidden the teacher name column from the spreadsheet below.  From the entries below I can see which classes need to be targeted so I can ensure the whole year group have received the same lesson and upskilling.

Image 3. Google doc of breakdown of curriculum support.

All three of these documents link to each other, and I have a very good record of who and what I have taught and planned, where my time has gone. It also gives me a record of accountability for anyone who might ask how I spend my time in my flexible schedule.  I have them shared with my line manager, the MYP co-ordinator and PYP co-ordinator. It also helps at the end of the year to create an annual report on what has been done, where. 

Do you do something similar? How do you track your time and lessons?

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