Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Apping!

This is a short post on how to turn websites into app like links on your mobile devices.

I use my mobile devices quite a lot, and I really like the convenience and visual aspect of the apps on the iPhone and iPad. It is a bit fiddly to visit a web site on a mobile device through the bookmarks or having to type the web site into the address bar, so just recently I learned how to create an app like link. (I may be slow on this, but then I may not be too slow).

Follow the instructions below .....

Find the web site you want to a shortcut for....

Visit the website so the URL is in the address bar ....

Visit the Airdrop icon next to the address bar (1), then select Add to home screen on the pop up that appears. (2).

On the new pop up that appears,  select 'Add', it will add it to your home screen.

 The shortcut icon is created!

In some instances, you can log in and the log in remains with the shortcut app.

This could be a good way to place app like icons on class iPads, iPhones or iTouches when the useful website does not have a mobile app. Useful for ebook collections and platforms, OPAC etc.
Show your students if they don't know - it will change their lives!

Let me know if this is helpful or if I am just so slow on learning this!

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