Sunday, March 9, 2014

Global Collaboration

Are you working in an IB school?

A number of the IB Librarian workshop leaders have been having many discussions in the background on what is happening in the IB for school librarians. One of the results of this discussion has been a rubric created for IB Librarians based on the new MYP Guide and role description for IB Librarians and schools but adapted to be relevant across all programmes.
This is not an IB sanctioned creation at this time, but we think it may be useful as a guide for those who are wanting to see where they are, and what else they could be doing. And it could lead to something more in the future.
We have had a go at creating the rubric and now we would like you to give feedback and comments of all types - wording, grammar, suggestions for inclusion or exclusion etc etc. The document is a google doc where the comments function has been activated, but the edit function has been disabled.
There can be a general comment left by selecting  ' comments' on the top right hand of the document, or if you wish to comment on a particular section or paragraph, highlight the paragraph, go to the menu -> insert -> comments.
Comments can be replied to. We would love to see what you think and suggestions you may have. The document is open to anyone who has the link, so pass it on - the more input the better. It is not a final document - it is a working document at this time.
Yours in collaboration and conversation ...

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