Monday, April 28, 2014

Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management
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    capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge..

This past week I have been working on collecting, curating, updating, organising and sharing the information, policies and processes that help make our library tick over. Our current team leader will be leaving the facility at the end of this academic year, and with leaving she will take 8 years of knowledge and history with her. Seeing she was an integral part of the set of the library, being able to capture some of the reasons behind decisions, and also curate the documents and processes that are currently followed, will help those of us left behind and her replacement be able to move into the position being able to locate the information we need.

When the library was set up 8 years ago a wiki was created to keep track of the developments. This was a busy online place for a while, then the set up phase was over, more staff came in and learned the processes and procedures, and the staff have been there for a long while since. The wiki was not updated as much as it should have been probably due to having to have yet another address to bookmark and go to and everyone just got too busy to document what was going on.

We have been working on updating the information, and transferring it all across to a Google site, which will enable us to access it via our Google education apps suite (just one place to remember, and we should already be logged in). There are so many aspects of a library that need to be documented in a policy and procedure document that having it located in a dynamic format such as a Google site or wiki allows for on time updates, easy searching and painless editing by any of the library staff. These type of websites are only as good as the information they contain, and keeping the information current is an important part of this process. 

What to include in such a website? The Australian School Library Association created a document in 2007 "A manual for developing policies and procedures in Australian School Library Resource Centres" which is still timely and useful as a guide.. Select the hyperlink to download the document.

How do you manage your libraries knowledge?
Do other departments in your school have a policy & procedure site? 

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