Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodreads for Movies

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I love Goodreads to keep track of the books I read and to connect with others who are reading to find out what they are reading and thinking about what they are reading.

I am also a bit of a movie buff, and watch a number of movies a week. I was thinking how great it would be if there was something similar to Goodreads for movies. There is the IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes, but they still didn't do it for me like what Goodreads does with books.

Someone was feeling the same way and they have created Seen That . It is still in Beta phase, but it is a bit of a combination of elements from Pinterest, Goodreads,  Instagram and IMDB all rolled into one to make for a very visual interactive movie review and discussion place.

If you like movies, and would like to keep track of those you have watched and find new ones to watch, have a look at Seen Th.at. You will find me as dimac4. Now to start on the massive job of reviewing and rating the movies I have watched - where to start (or even finish)??


Kat said...

Oh what great joy! Reading this has made my week. Thank you.

thepagethatbooksbuilt said...

Yes! I was just thinking I need something like this. I couldn't remember half of the movies I had watched earlier this year. Very interesting.