Saturday, July 19, 2014

Planning is over rated...

Schloss Dreckenfels 
I have been quiet on the blog front for a bit as I had end of term normal craziness to contend with and then I left right away to start an amazing adventure with my husband - cycling 700kms across The Netherlands and Germany, from Amsterdam to Frankfurt.

Part of embarking on such an adventure is planning and we didn't have much time for this - we got the basics sorted - fitness, required clothing, panniers, bikes sorted and a bit of a plan of what we wanted to do.

We travel airline staff standby, so we didn't have our flights booked, nor any accomodation nor did we know where we would actually end up - we just looked at possible dates and found one where there were a few spare seats and we left for the airport with our bikes and clothes. It wasn't our original destination of Frankfurt but, it was Amsterdam, so it was sort of part of the plan.

Our holiday was riding for 5-6 hours a day in the direction of Frankfurt, then to find accomodation at the end of the day within our budget. We had Google maps on the ipad mini, we both had Garmins on our bikes, and we just followed the signs of the riding routes. Not much was in English, we didn't have data plans to access the internet through the day, part of the accomodation requirement was to have wifi included so we could see where we needed to head the next day. In most cases, we never made to where we thought we would, so, we eventually stopped planning nd just rode.

We picked up maps along the way and used them a little bit, expecially around the towns and we explored whatever took our fancy. We had no plans for the day other than to ride about 50-60kms toward Frankfurt, look at castles, churches, amazing scenery and just enjoy the day.

We often have holidays like this where we have just turned up the airport and got on a plane that had spare seats - not knowing where we were confirmed until we were through the gates. I love holidays like this - no expectations leads to no disappointments.

This cycling holiday was one of the toughest I adventures I have done. It was great just going by how we felt on the day, with no bookings or deadlines to meet by a certain time. There was only one day we had trouble finding accomodation where we needed to ride an extra 20kms. Did we miss stuff along the way? Yes probably.  Does it matter - not at all. We did what we wanted at the time, and had a great adventure.

Does this have anything to do with libraries or learning? Maybe a lose connection in that we need flexibility in our lives and learning and teaching to take advantage of what comes our way at the time.

If you would like to see what we did, I created a blog : Rambling Cyclists with lots of photos and not much writing.

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