Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Living verbs

Two more days to go until I am back in the thick of work and these verbs come to mind as those actions which I will be doing the most ...

meeting, teaching, duty, conferencing, collaborating, connecting, counselling, thinking, developing, persuading, reading, ruminating, problem solving, inspiring, coaching, mentoring, reading, thinking, listening....

Prominant holiday verbs include ..

resting, reading, watching, waiting, cycling, swimming, travelling, sleeping, listening, eating, talking, connecting, playing, pondering, enjoying....

The holiday verbs number less and take up more time in the day. Over the past 7 weeks I have found myself pondering how I manage to fit so much into my day when at work when I find the holiday hours go so fast and wonder where the day has gone with 'so little' achieved. The reason is that on holidays I have had the luxury of spending more time doing much less, and I get to prioritise what will get the most time. At work, my time is prioritised for me through deadlines, urgency and need.

There are three verbs that overlap: - listening, reading, connection - but the intention and requirements change when at work and play. At work I am listening to students, teacher and leaders expressing what they need from me and what I need to do. At play I am listening to my friends and family telling me about themselves and their lives. No action is usually required, but could be taken if necessary because I have the time to do so.  I listen to music, and the radio. I listen to topical affairs being discussed, I listen to the birds and the ocean. My senses are re-tuned to the world around me.

Reading during term time consists of professional reading and curation. Twitter is visited and contributed to,  the blog roll is revisisted often and my brain is switched on to learning mode. Reading to learn, transforming what I am reading into meaningful actions and thinking. Holiday reading consists of fiction and pleasure reading. Reading is just for fun.

Connecting at work has purpose - if I don't connect effectively I cannot do my job effectively. I need to make sure I connect with people I may not normally connect with. I need to step out of my comfort zone often. Connecting on holidays is connecting with people with no purpose other than I like to spend time with them.

I had a list of things on my to do list for these holidays which I have successfully avoided. My brain did not want to switch on, it was 'relaxing' and as far I was concerned it needed to be left alone to do this for full recovery. Those things on the to do list can wait, and if they cannot be done becasue there is no time left, then so be it.

I appreciate having this long holiday space during my life to recentre and to reevaluate what I really want to be doing in my life and how I want to be spending my time. I am a little bit nervous about going back to work and having all those work verbs to contend with,  I need to make sure I remember the holiday verbs and try to keep a balance. We also need to be mindful the students are probably feeling the same way.

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thestylinglibrarian.com said...

Love your reflection... hope it is a good start, even though food challenges are occuring at home! :)