Thursday, September 18, 2014

Service and Action in the Library

The IB MYP programme requires that students participate in service and action to qualify for their MYP certificate. With this new year I am working on a service and action programme where students can work in the library and fulfill the requirements of the MYP programme.

The learning outcomes for the action and service component of the MYP are as follows ..

With appropriate guidance and support, MYP students should through their engagement with service as action
  • become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth 
  • undertake challenges that develop new skills 
  • discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities 
  • persevere in action 
  • work collaboratively with others 
  • develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding 
  • consider the ethical implications of their actions. 
  • Students in the final years of the programme should, with proper guidance, develop the scope and nature of service activities and have responsible roles in planning, organizing and implementing service activities to reflect their growing maturity and autonomy. 
MYP Principles in Practice. IB 

The students have a choice of doing a minor (2-3 hours of service) or a major (12 hours +)

Previously the students who undertook service in the library, just turned up and we gave them jobs to do. With these new outcomes there needs to be a new approach to how we manage the student helpers. 

I put out a request for those who would like to be helpers ... I spoke at assembly, and sent a link to a google form to  all year 10 and 11 students.

I had about 40 students sign up under the following areas :
  • Event organising (quiz's, lunch time activities, bookweek activities etc) 
  • Leading Book Clubs, Battle of the books teams, Golden Dragon awards 
  • Static Displays in the library 
  • Administrative support - collection development, cataloguing, etc.
  • Digital support - website design, book trailers, digital displays.
I have created google docs and folder for each of these areas with responsibility statements, time sheets, and links to tools they can use and inspirational pinterest pages for events and displays.

There have meetings with each of the groups, the volunteers have been divided into different teams and I have met individually where required. I am letting the students take the lead in what and how they want to do things, but offering advice and direction where required (and a bit of a push where necessary).

We have 2 display boards already completed with topical themes, the book clubs and Battle of Books groups are working on getting organised. The admin support group have been divided into PODs with a pod leader who will ensure all the group members are involved, turn up and do the required jobs. I have yet to meet with the digital display team and the event organisers, but we have meetings lined up and the google docs are ready to go.

This has taken up much of my time in these first few weeks as we get these groups up and running. Some of my objectives for this programme are
  • for the students to take more ownership of the library and its programmes through initiation, 
  • to entice more students into the facility and of course to meet the objectives of the Action and Service programme.
  • to help the students develop new skills in their chosen area, leadership, collaboration and communication.
My personal goals for my own behaviour include ensuring that I do not overwhelm the students with my ideas, keep in mind the student limitations and expertise and, just let go .... just let them work it the best they can. 

How do you manage your student helpers?

One of the students learning about design of a display and
putting it all together.

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Amanda Lei Perron said...

I love this post and in fact recently revised my own "Library Science Club" with a limited number of students who are earning Service and Action credit for taking on similar responsibilities. Currently they are putting together a presentation to share with the school regarding Banned and Challenged Books.
Thanks so much for this incredibly informative post!