Sunday, December 21, 2014

The next chapter

Last week I resigned from my current placement as an MYP Teacher Librarian at an International school in HK.  I have done this not because I was unhappy, or that I have another job to go to but because I want to try something new, something risky and something that gives me more flexibility with my time.

I am moving into the field of full time Professional Development for Educators. I want to see what exciting things people are doing out there and to learn from them. I want to facilitate dynamic and fulfilling learning experiences for adult learners, and, I want to do this because this is what lights my fire.

So what next? I have sent up a website, I have created preliminary workshop plans, I will also be creating short online upskilling courses for school librarians very soon. I am now reaching out to you if you know of an opportunity where I could facilitate a workshop or consultation in one or more areas of my expertise in your school or district from September 2015, please mention my name or let me know so I can apply. I am open to all suggestions anywhere in the world. I am also open to suggestions on topics that you are interested in that I currently do not have a plan for.  I will put in 150% of my time and effort to bring your organisation one of the best learning experiences you will have as educators. 

I will miss working in a school, especially the students and the funny things they do and say, but the time is right for me to do this and I believe I am ready as I will ever be for this challenge.  I just need a little help from my friends and blog readers to get started.

If you are interested in applying for the vacancy at RCHK I will leave, please visit this page on the school website. Applications close January 9, 2015, the start date will be August 2015.


Gary Green said...

Dianne - a great move for you and for libraries in general.

As a teacher librarian for 30 years now I have not met anyone who has your depth of knowledge and experience across the library spectrum. You are the quintessential curious learner, are wonderfully collaborative and unbelievably innovative.

Best of luck with your latest adventure!

Gary Green

Dianne McKenzie said...

Thanks for your kind words Gary, I hope we get to work together again sometime!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Hooray for risk-taking and the evolution of your professional self! I hope to continue learning from you via your blog and these new pd avenues. I can't wait to see where this journey takes you.

Dianne McKenzie said...

Thanks Adrienne, exciting stuff and I am looking forward to learning from everyone along the way as well!