Saturday, December 6, 2014

Upskilling Online

Over the past few months I have been involved in learning online for two courses, one course was for IB educators to facilitate online workshops (I passed!), and the other I have been doing since February is COETAIL - or the Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy. I have almost finished course 4 and have one more module to complete before I finish. Both of these courses were demanding of my time and thinking, hence things have been a little quieter on this blog over the past few months. 

Through COETAIL I have had to examine visual literacy, flipping classrooms, problem based learning, digital literacy and citizenship and have had to consider models for digital technology integration. The blog I have had to record my thinking and research is called Wagging my Coetail.

One of the assignments I chose to complete for the visual literacy unit (module 3) was a CV formatted in the style of an infographic. There are a number of examples of these lurking about, here is one on Tumblr and Keri-Lee Beasley keeps an updated board on Pinterest. It was an interesting exercise to create a CV like this, and, once I had finished and handed it in, I already wanted to change it a bit to make my work experience and education smaller and place more emphasis my current skill set. I created it using Pages.

What do you think - is the education world ready for such a one page CV in such a format??


D's Journey said...

Brilliant, congratulations on passing one class, two is exhausting! So much thinking and work involved!

Adrienne Johnson said...

I loooove the infographic CV! Let's lead with this super-attractive and easily decipherable format!

Donna Stephens said...

one would certainly get noticed, how did you format this? Donna

Dianne McKenzie said...

Hi Donna,

I used Pages to create it, and it was an experiment in design as I went. I can't remember if i planned it out first, or just messed about as I went along. A lot of use of the Alpha tool, along with the rulers, changing colours using the palette and experimenting. It did take a number of hours (about 35+) to complete..