Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A blast from the past

About 7 years ago I was employed at Discovery College. One of the tasks was to set up the library from an empty shell to operational in 27 days. As part of the process I recorded the journey on another blog - Fresh Baked Library. (The link will take you to the very first post.) This blog is now dormant, but I still keep it as a reminder of the process we went through.  The library I am currently working in is undergoing a renovation and I have been able to go back to the blog and find suppliers and what we did, how we did things and what happened.

I found blogging through the process quite cathartic and through it I was able to justify decisions and how I was spending my days in the process. Looking back over it, no wonder I was exhausted!

I also created the following slideshare presentation for an online conference in 2009 as a form of reflection and consolidation about the project and to share what we did so others could learn.

If you are going through renovations or big changes, or even starting from scratch, I would highly recommend you keep a blog of the process to help keep track of your progress, identify what still needs to be done and also in a few years time you can look back and reflect and others can learn from you.

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