Monday, June 15, 2015

Bag your summer reading

This week is our last week of the school term and we have opened up the library for unlimited borrowing for the summer holidays. If the students borrow more than 4 books they need a bag - hence our tagline.  So far we have had families coming in to borrow many things for every family member, and other students have taken out over 15 books for their own reading for the 5 weeks of holiday.

It has caused quite a buzz in the secondary school. 

Advantages of doing this include 

  • less requirement for storage space over the holidays, 
  • students can take whole series at a time and just keep reading through
  • it rewards those who have returned all their books on time
  • students are choosing the books they want to read 
  • hopefully, high motivation to keep reading
  • students working on their MYP personal project are able to use the resources
  • the library is seen as a welcoming space catering to the students wants
  • more goodwill than we can measure

Possible disadvantages 
  • we might lose a few books, but I think the advantages outweigh this.

Do you allow students to borrow over the long holidays? What are your reasons for or against?

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