Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learning plus more

Well, what a ride. ALA Annual Conference along with the 2 day Research Relevance pre conference gave me 5 days of intense professional development across a range of topics and opened my eyes and brain to how passionate librarians are and the scope of the work they do. I have previously only been to school librarian learning opportunities, but ALA has librarians from all strands and they all have something to offer me - a humble school librarian. 

I spoke to Academic Librarians, Systems librarians, Public Librarians,  Special collection librarians, School Librarians, consultants, vendors interested in Libraries and retirees who just come to the conference to be reminded of their passion and to keep it alive.  I met some lovely people that I want to keep in contact with as I think we will both benefit from connecting.

I was fortunate to attend along with some friends from Singapore - Katie Day,  @librarianedge  Kurt Wittig, @KurtWittig  and Kate Brundage and we picked up a few more people along the way. This was fun as we had people to socialise and debrief with after the very full days. Watch their blogs for their learnings.

As with any conference, some sessions were better than others, but overall both conferences were worth attending. I now have to sift through my tweets and my notes to process what I gleaned from each session, my thick notebook is almost full and I have enough material to blog for almost a year. So, stay tuned ... the first blog for processing will be about the vendors I met and their products on offer.

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