Saturday, June 20, 2015

The next chapter begins ...

Yesterday was my last day in the foreseeable setting where I will be working fulltime in a school setting. I resigned from my post as MYP teacher librarian last December having to give 6 months notice, and have been plotting my exit and future exploits since then. The day of self employment has arrived and I am starting with a bang.

Tonight I head to San Francisco to attend the annual American Library Association conference. I have never attended such a huge event, (about 25,000 people expected)  and already I have failed in registering for some pre conference events due to my newbie ignorance. That is OK, I will be going cycling in SFO downtown for the day, I hope the weather is good. Look out for the photographs on my instagram feed! (are you going to ALA? I would love to connect if we can).

Before ALA  I will be attending a small school based colloquium on Research Relevance at Castilleja School in Palo Alto. The program looks exciting and relevant to school librarians and anyone interested in student learning. 

After returning from SFO in July, I will be busy conducting a number of regional amd school based workshops for the IB Asia Pacific from Launching the MYP, ATL skills in Learning to librarian across the continuum, MYP and DP. I will be pretty much getting on a plane every two weeks to travel around South East Asia to meet with different people and to facilitate learning.

I have also set up a business for professional teacher and librarian learning  School Librarian Connection. I will be moving into library consultancy and conducting professional learning opportunities for teachers and librarians. If you or your school is looking for some one to assist with learning in your school or district, have a look at my current offerings. I promise the learning will be engaging, learner centred and fun with learning for change guaranteed. I will go anywhere!

A facebook page has been set up where I will be posting articles and updates relating to the education and learning field. This offers free professional learning for all!

So where does that leave this blog if I am no longer in a school library? As I see it I will have the opportunity to learn even more from others as I tour around different schools and conferences and talk to many people and find out what they have been doing. These snippets of learning will then be shared on this blog for my consolidation and your benefit. I may even be able to go back to regular weekly posts.

Yesterday at the secondary school assembly, I was called to the stage to be farewelled along with other leaving staff. I had my phone in my hand and snapped the photo below. This captures the MYP cohort at the school - about 900 students. These are whom I have been working with over the past two years, and hopefully left something behind with them.

The teens will be what I miss most about working in the school environment full time.


crgalvin said...

Best wishes on your new venture.

Karen Lindsay said...

Dianne, I wish you all the best as you boldly go.