Sunday, November 1, 2015

A photographic tale of 3 libraries

The month of October has been busy with travel, visiting schools and preparing workshops, hence the quiet blog but, so much learning and connecting has taken place in that time.

Todays post will be about sharing some of the great things I have seen in a number of libraries in my travels, all are IB schools.

First up - The Canadian International School of Singapore. A beautiful space that has nooks and crannies and large places all in the same very large room. Upstairs is the senior library, and downstairs the junior. The space and programme on this campus is managed by Annie Pyers with Lisa Miller. Captions are under the photos.

Student work is a feature of the library, all presented in a very professional way. The large Malaysian style throne chair on the top right sat in a complex shaped corner, but filled it beautifully ready for some partner reading. Bottom right photo shows the large classroom space in the senior library.

I loved the used of wicker baskets through out the library. It gave a lovely feel to the ambience. They are used as part of the limited use of plastic across the school to reduce exposure to toxins

These globes were just sitting on a shelf waiting to be looked at. I particularly liked the black one, very slick. The audio book stand was filled with Playaways within easy reach and eyesight of the teens they are serving.

The library is filled with beautiful orchids, which are lovingly looked after and again give the library an aura of peaceful and calm to the space. There was also use of portable signage to designate quiet spaces, which allowed for different places to be the quiet zones as the need arose.

The displays in the library range from the temporary seasonal displays, the beautifully elegant glass engraved signage and the digital display all show that making use of different formats caters for different needs.

The library provided a variety of seating for different purposes with different colours, shapes and heights. It all blended beautifully.


The International School of Singapore is moving campus soon, but that did not stop them purchasing some new furniture and shelving. The primary and middle library is a small space, about the size of two classrooms.

 The picture books have the shelving units on the left which were custom made to ensure all titles were front facing. The old shelving along the window are not on wheels, but all the new shelving is on wheels as can be seen in the bottom photograph.

 Some of the new seating that Grahame purchased for the space, making use of the narrow window/ walkway space as well. 

The new tables from Furnware (in NZ) that were purchased. The round table flips to make room for larger groups, or to be used somewhere else in the library or school.


The last library to be featured is at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

One of the first things you see when you enter the library is this large  decorated bamboo cage which has been constructed to create a listening centre with cushions, books and audio books on CD with a multi listening post. It is apparently very popular.

 They also had some community projects / dynamic pin boards under construction. The one on the left was featured on a very long wall, and every person on the school community drew a self portrait to be included on the board. The colourful board featured on the right was a board featuring quotes and messages about what the students could say to people who were bullying them or others. It was student contributed and made for some good reading.

The rickshaw on the left was recently donated and restored to its former glory, it is now in the cooler months an outdoor  reading nook for a few children at a time. The chairs in the library are getting a face lift and the community are being asked for their opinion how comfortable the prototype is. The picture on the bottom right shows a magazine book rack which I had not seen before, and seemed to be quite effective in displaying the contents without taking up much space.

Three very different libraries with dedicated staff all trying their best to cater to for their school community needs. Thank you to Annie and Lisa, Grahame and Krissy for taking the time to show me around their libraries  and talk to me about what they have been doing.

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Kimbra said...

I love the photos of libraries in this post Dianne, so much to see. I hope one day you get to see our SAS libraries.
Great meeting with you