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EARCOS Conference - Taiwan - Day 2

Photo taken by Jenny Luca.

The last post I wrote was about Day 1 of learning at the EARCOS Conference - Taipei, Taiwan. This post will be about Day 2.

Day 2 started with my own presentation on "Social Media and the School Library – another time sucker or a meaningful connection? " where I discussed how making a plan for use of social media in your library or school is an important part of making sure it is meaningful, relevant and not a time waster. The presentation will be the next blog post - so stay tuned.

Next up was Barbara and Tim Boyer from Shanghai America School Middle and high school libraries presenting "Genre’fying your Books…Are you crazy?" discussing how they are currently going about the process of Genre'fying the fiction collection of 15,000 books. They talked about using parent volunteers, issues with placing books in specific genres and how they came up with their genre names and labels.

Following on from Barbara and Tim were Katie day and Barbara Reid on "Social Reading Sites and the Library" where they discussed aspects of social reading and did a brief overview of what is available, public vs private, and age appropriateness. They shared how different OPACs have the capacity for users to leave reviews and asked the question how effective were they? Do we make full use of this capacity? They also discussed Biblionasium for primary aged students and the pros and cons.

Barbara introduced MyOn which states it "provides anytime, anywhere access to a library of more than 10,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, real-time reporting and assessments and embedded close reading tools." It is certainly worth a look for those looking into digital resources for the primary / elementary level.

A short discussion on Goodreads for older students followed where Katie shared a research and presentation from the GAFE summit in Singapore. Shelfari, Librarything and other similar social sites were discussed.

They finished their presentation talking about Press Reader a powerful news feeder that "Connects People through News. All-you-can-read digital newsstand with thousands of the world's most popular newspapers and magazines." It also has a social aspect to it to share, comment, see popular trends and create public bookmarks. The conclusion was that all of these tools are only as good as the way people use them, and if you are to move forward with any of these social reading platforms it is about promotion and use that makes the difference.

During lunch a few people went into the basement of TAS to see the 'stacks' that had been created when more digital content was added to the library and the physical books were moved out... I was late, so I missed out on this little field trip.  Katie Day took more photos you can view on her Google Photos page. I think I heard there are 20,000 titles held in the stacks in the basement.

After lunch there was a job alike discussion on various topics across the room. 

To finish off the 2 days we were fortunate enough the listen to Jenny Luca talk about "Making Change Happen – How do we do it?" She shared so much and so many links. I have captured a few  gems and links below.

Photo taken by Michael from the TAS communications office
Some people hate change - they don't hate you (Seth Godin) Don't take take it personally. 
To be a change agent - make it possible for people to connect with you on a human level. 

I also learned about the Dunning-Kruger effect - Smart people underestimate themselves & ignorant people think they're intelligent... we see this often in the school setting.

Jenny encouraged us to watch the following TED talks she has been inspired by ...

Leaning in at the work place  Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders
Start with the why ? Why is it important? Simon Sinek How great leaders inspire action
Develop your elevator pitch - 6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century

Jenny left us with a final thought ... Don't wait for someone else to take the leadership role - just do it.

The EARCOS mini conference workshop was a great learning experience. The sessions I attended resulted in excellent learning. There were other presentations I did not see (there was just not enough time!), these were : 

iPads in the Elementary Library by Barbara Middleton
Digital VS Analogue Reading by Pam Males & Angela Erickson
Embracing The Maker Movement in Your Library Jennifer Chapman
Library Laughter - Kimbra Power See Kimbra's blog post about it
Blogging and a Newbery Contender Book Club by Barbara Middleton
Writing Proposals that Work. Candace Aiani

All the presentations are available at the EARCOS blog page for a few more weeks.
Tweets are Storified here

Thanks so much to EARCOS, TAS, Candice, Barbara and Carol for organising a fantastic event.

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