Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Searching Facebook

Facebook has been around for a little while, (about 10 years now) and it is still popular for keeping in touch with friends and family, and has now extended into a way for professionals to share and discuss topics through groups and professional pages. 

One of the criticisms of Facebook as a user for professional purposes is the inability to search and curate the content, I beg to differ. Facebook is quite powerful in the curation and search stakes if you know how to do it.

Firstly know about the "drop arrow in the top right hand corner of every post" tool. This can be found on Facebook on all mobile devices and desktop devices. 

Pull it down .... you can see at the top there is an option to save the video, or the post to retrieve later.

Note : You do not have to share, or comment on these posts to keep them in your feed and then to try and find them later.  (You will also see that you can turn off notifications, If you were the original poster you can also edit and turn off comments and translations).

Where are they saved to?
One the left side of your wall is a list of your favourites - "Saved" is one of these ...

And when you open this, you open a page of your saved links, videos and posts in one long chronological order - refined by the bar on the top. 

The saved items are sorted by the time period in which you saved them. There is also a shared button, where you can revisit the post and share it at a later time. The data also includes where you saved the post from so you can see the context or offer credit. 

Once you have saved the resource you want to save, you can then use Evernote or another tool to curate and organise it with more detail, or just leave it on Facebook to find later.

Searching Facebook
These search features are only available on the desktop version of Facebook - not on Mobile devices unless you view Facebook in the browser version, not the app version. (See here for details on how to achieve search function on a mobile device using the browser, or use an app for iOS Search for Posts)

If you are part of a Facebook group, you are able to search the group posts using the search function, which picks up all matches, so use it wisely. This is also useful to see if what you are about to post has already been discussed in the group.

Searching your own page : 
Go to your profile / wall - to the search bar along the top, type in the keyword you are looking for.

Your results will come up on your wall - first will be specific pages with that keyword included, then under that will be results from your own posts and friends of your posts.

If you want to just find things that have been posted to your wall place your name in the box with what you are searching for in quotation marks "weather" and only what you have searched for will come up. You can use this to find posts from your friends in your feed as well - just put their name and a key word.

Another option is to go to your personal Activity Log and type in the search box, this will bring up any post with the search term in it that you have posted to your wall, or that others have tagged you in.

Yes, Facebook uses these too and they are quite powerful.

If you include a hashtag in your posts, it becomes a live link, just like in twitter. 

If you click on this live hashtag it will take you to all the posts with the same hashtag in your feed, (or groups feed) as well as any other public post using the same hashtag. This could have possibilities to find opinions, articles etc on Facebook on trending topics, or just topics that students or you want to find more about.

So to make your posts even more searchable and to give more exposure, especially in groups, public posts, or business pages - use hashtags.

Facebook can be searched and curated, and you can then move the links and videos to other curation tools when you have the opportunity.  You just need to know how it all works to make it work!


rpungin said...

If you want to search for your own posts as well as photos, videos, places where they were tagged or where you checked in, you can use an iOS app Search For Posts.

Dianne McKenzie said...

Thanks for the link to that app - anything for Androids??