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I am a teacher librarian, library consultant, teacher trainer and IB workshop leader. I have worked in a number of international schools and love working with teenagers and adults. I am currently available for speaking, facilitating training and helping schools to set up a fabulous school library. My business is called School Librarian Connection, please visit the web site  to see workshops and resources I am offering.

You can contact me at diannecm at gmail.com or through twitter @dimac4 or see my Linkedin profile for more information about my qualifications and where I have worked.

Presentations / Publishings:


November            The Role of the Librarian in the IB programmes, IB Regional                                                     Conference, Singapore 3 day workshop.

October                 Implementing the ATL skills in the MYP - IB Regional                                                                Conference,Malaysia, 3 day workshop.                     
August                    Launching the MYP - Hunter Valley Grammar School - NSW, 1 day                                         workshop
 July                         Planning with purpose, Evidence based Practice, Building capacity in                                      oneself and others, Diocese of Cairns School Librarians  2017                   
April                      The Role of the Librarian in the IB Diploma Programme - Sydney 3                                          day workshop.
February               Keynote Speaker & workshop for the Librarians Knowledge                                                     Sharing workshop, United World College, Singapore.                                                               Keynote on “Diversity & Authenticity in School Libraries”, also a full day                                  workshop entitled “Diverse Ways of learning”

December             Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain and                                                           Creative Commons. In school workshop, CAIS, Hong Kong. 

November            Inquiry across the IB continuum programs - 3 day workshop -                                                   Mumbai, India.
                            School Library consulting, Short workshops on Inquiry                                                              learning in the secondary school - 2 days, American Embassy School,                                    New Delhi. India.
                            School Librarians in a Global Context, Planning and conducting                                              Action research, Creating a culture of Academic Honesty, - 2 day                                            workshop - NESA Fall Institute, Abu Dhabi,
October              Teaching with Primary Sources - Short workshop - Shanghai School                                       Librarians Network, China

                           School Library consulting - 2 days, Shanghai Quibao Dwight High                                           School,  China
                           School Librarians in a Global context - 2 day workshop, Seoul, Sth                                         Korea. 
September         Creating meaningful Policies - School Librarian Connection - Prague,                                    Czech Republic 

                          Understanding and working with Information Literacy skills /the                                                Approaches to Learning in a library context.
  School Librarian                                                  Connection. Prague, Czech Republic 

June                  School Libraries in a Global context - Scotch College - Perth, Australia. 

March               Conceptual teaching & planning - School Librarian Connection                                                Conference, Beijing.                        
                        Strategic planning is not just for corporations - School Librarian                                               Connection Conference - Beijing.
                        Inquiry teaching and learning - Shanghai Librarian's Network,                                                     Shanghai. 
                       ATL Skills in the MYP,   IB Sydney Regional Conference, 3 days
January          Launching the MYP /Global Contexts : Sheikh Zayad Int'l Academy,                                       Islamabad, Pakistan. 2 days

September  Facilitated 'Launching the MYP' at Angels International College                                               Faisalabad, Pakistan 2 days

                   Facilitated 'Inquiry and the Librarian across the three programmes" Cat 3 -                            Lahore, Pakistan. 2 days                         

                   Facilitated 'Approaches to Learning' workshop - Sreenidhi International School,                      Hyderabad, India. 3 days
August      Facilitated Launching the MYP in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

July :          Facilitated "Launching the MYP" in school workshops in Sydney and Perth,                                    Australia.

June :         Lightning Round presenter - Self Organised Learning for Large Groups    

Research Relevance, Castilleja, School, Palo Alto. California.

April :         Engaging Tech Mini Conference Macau April 18 2015
                  Facilitated 2 x 1 hour workshop on "Fostering a culture of creativity and honesty"

August :     Conducted a short in school workshop for teaching faculty on
                  "Academic Honesty is more than just not plagiarising"

                   Co Facilitated IB workshop with Gary Green. 
                   Inquiry and the Librarian across the three programmes" Cat 3.

March :       Presented "The school librarian ; Every Ib Educators trusty sidekick" at IB Asia                      Pacific Annual Conference.


November  -  Facilitated a workshop on Diigo, Island School, Hong Kong
                     Facilitated an online twitter chat #MYPchat http://bit.ly/17snaAH

April  -         Published in SCIS Connections,
                   The annual report : Your ticket to greater advocacy

January -    facilitated 3 day IB workshop "Inquiry and the School Librarian" category 3.    


November -  Facilitated 3 day IB workshop - "IB Librarians Continuum Category 3", Hong Kong

October - Facilitated 3 day IBMYP workshop "From Library to MYP Media Hub". Detroit, MI, USA.

April - 2 day onsite workshop at Seoul Foreign School on understanding copyright, creative commons and fair use. Worked with teachers, librarians students and parents.

February - 21CLHK  - Facilitated Workshops on Understanding Copyright, Creative Commons and Fair Use AND Managing ebooks in the library. I was also on a panel " How will the cloud change affect education"

November " Understanding Copyright, Creative Commons and Fair Use" Shanghai Librarians Symposium, China, November 2011.

May : "Curriculum mapping : a Stratagem for collaboration."  ECIS Librarians Conference. Istanbul, Turkey.

February : Panelist with Joe Butler and Stephen Heppell on the "Challenges facing school libraries in the move toward digital resourcing." 21st Century Learning HK conference. 17-19 February.

February : Presented  "Creating your own PLN" workshop on setting up Twitter, Diigo and Google reader to help with professional development. 21st Century Learning HK conference. 17-19 

January : Published "Digital Resourcing and access in the School Library : A pandora's box of problems, ponderings, and potential" Library media Connections. January 2011 p.56-57


November : "Curriculum mapping : a Stratagem for collaboration."  ECIS Conference, Nice.

June :  “Do author visits make a difference?” Screencast presentation for “Your school library” online conference.

February :  Published “Moving as fast as I can” Media Coach - The Netherlands. An education professional periodical.


September : Attended and was an invited panel member at HK 21st Century IT in Education symposium 19 September - Virtual worlds in Education, and The 21st Century School Library.

June : Moderator of two asynchronous discussions for "Your School Library - Information Literacy with Web 2.0" . Mike Eisenberg - Information Literacy, The most basic of basics and Daniel Churchill - New Literacy in the web 2.0 world

May : Organised and facilitated "IB and the School library" workshop for ALESS.

February : Presented at "Your School library- Transforming School Libraries" online conference - "The evolution of a library" and "Second Life - A game or an exceptional opportunity for professional growth and development?"


May : Attended and presented at HK 21st Century IT in Education Symposium Exploring Second Life
Attended and presented at the ALESS professional development day in October, "Using Zoomerang in the Library"


Attended, helped organise, presented a paper and chaired online sessions at the International Association of School Librarians (IASL) Conference Hong Kong July. "Catching Slippery Eels - managing websites as resources"

2004 Served on the (IASL) 2005 International Conference Planning Committee,

2003 Attended and presented a paper at the IASL conference in Durban, Sth Africa
"Don't Buck it - bend it. Using your school system to increase your influence, to create the working environment you desire".

Attended and presented a workshop at the IASL conference in Kuala Lumpur"Fast and Furious Cataloguing for the overworked School Librarian

International author visits to Hong Kong in conjunction with a literary festival based at AISHK featuring Morris Gleitzman and Mem Fox

Professional Learning 

  • American Librarian Association Annual Conference, San Francisco. USA. June 2015
  • Research Relevance, Castilleja, School, Palo Alto. California. June 2015
  • COETAIL, Jan 2014 - Jul 2015
  • IB MYP Upskilling for workshop leaders, Jan 2014

  • 2 day Learning 2.013 conference, UWSEA Singapore, October 2013
  • 2 day in school workshop - International Mindedness February 2013

  • 21Century Learning HK Conference January 2013 

  • The power of Reading  - Stephen Krashen Sept 2012 HKIS. Hong Kong
  • EdcampHK - Beacon Hill School April 2012

  • 21C Learning HK HKIS - Feb 2012

  • Shanghai Librarians Symposium November 2011
  • IB Workshop Leaders training – Chiang Mai, Thailand. July 2011
  • ECIS Librarians Conference, Istanbul, Turkey May 2011
  • 21C Learning Conference – Hong Kong, February 2011 

  • ECIS Annual Teachers Conference – Nice, France. November 2010 
  • IB Librarians Continuum – Level 3 workshop October 2010 
  • 'Your School Library' online conference – June 2010 Ross Todd Seminar on Guided Inquiry -  Hong Kong March 2010

  • IB Librarians continuum training workshop - Sydney, October 2009
  • "Your School library" online conferences - February, June, November 2009
  • 21st Century ICT in Education symposium HKIS, HK 19 September  2009
  • Oliver Library management system training May 2009
  • Julia Atkins : Creating a school vision and plan, Discovery College April 2009

  • Hands on Literacy Conference - Singapore November 2008
  • David Hornsby Integrating Literacy / Fiction across the curriculum,Discovery College 2008
  • 21st Century ICT in Education - KGV School, Hong Kong May 2008

  • IASL Conference - Hong Kong 2005
  • ASLA NSW Conference - Sydney October 2004
  • Jamie McKenzie workshop - The Questioning Press - September 2004, GSIS
  • Tapped in Online community for educators - 2004 Festival July.
  • Strategic Planning with Terry Quong - June 2004, AISHK
  • ASLA Online Conference - May 2004
  • IASL Conference Durban, South Africa - July 2003
  • IASL Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 2002
  • Jamie McKenzie Conference German Swiss International School Feb – 2002

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